Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mojo 476 Hanukkah Card

I was making Christmas cards to give to 13 of my friends from high school. We still get together several times a year, but especially at Christmas. I usually mail their cards but I thought this was a great opportunity to hand deliver those bulky or square cards that our post office doesn't like. For years I wanted to give one of my friends a Happy Hannukah card but never did. Our last names both started with "G" so we would share a locker or stand next to each other in P.E. where we were in alphabetical order. I had three appropriate stamp sets but the images were all pretty small and I never got inspiration or knew what to do with them.  Finally, I was inspired this year when I saw the square Mojo 476 sketch. My night-time photo didn't turn out so well, but she loves her card, so I'm so thankful for this sketch that inspired.

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