Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lucy Workshops on the Go Layouts

Saturday our scrapbook club met at the church and made these four layouts using the Lucy paper packs, glittery rub-ons, and some bitty sparkles and flowers. I used Easter photos because it's the only time of year I can justify having so many grandsons' photos on pink and pastel papers! My daughter-in-law and I were the only ones with any pink in our clothes. I hope this lets you see that the colors don't have to exactly match, they can contrast with the main colors.

If you weren't there Saturday, I hope these pictures help you put yours together. I'm posting the left page, then the right page of each layout.
The main workshop layout is slightly different than the workshop brochure. I redesigned this one and the third one in order to get the most out of our paper.

The photos are 6" x 4" and 2.5" x 2.5"
Both pages: All papers were inked on the edges with Gray Wool. The patterned green shapes had a half inch cut off of each of the short sides, then they were cut lengthwise, 2" for the left page and 1.5" for the right page. The flowers (already cut out with the Cricut Art Philosophy) were stamped with gray wool for the outline, blush for the solid portion, and Creme Brulee using the large circle center stamp. The crowns were rub-ons placed on the small blush rectangle, then cut out, then with extra sparkles added to decorate. The Creme Brulee strips of cardstock were slightly sanded. The word "dream" is part of a stamped sentiment that we masked. We stamped the entire sentiment, cut out the word dream, then placed it under the crown and stamped again with Gray Wool. Title can be stamped with words and font of your choice.

Here's the second workshop layout.

The photos are 6" x 4" and 7" x 9". The large photo could be divided into two 4.5" x 7" photos, taking two 5x7 photos and cutting off 1/2" on the long side of each.

The Gray Wool papers were slightly sanded. Flowers were stamped as before and a few rub-ons and sparkles were added. I only used part of the rub-on title because I wanted to use the word "Smile" on a different layout. I added extra rub-on flowers where the workshop showed the word "Smile."

Here's the third layout. Instead of using all green paper the way they did in the book on p. 28, I pieced a different background, but kept the same photo arrangement. This was taken from Magic- Love Potion.

The photos are 6 x 4, 3x3, and 6x6.

The last layout is one that Jeanette Lynton gave us on her blog at the beginning of February when the new book came out. She gave a fourth photo for every new paper packet that would go with the stickers or rub-ons, etc. It uses the Blush cardstock as a backing and only has five small strips of paper. It's really filled with lots of small photos and a couple of large ones.

I didn't use the "Sassy and Beautiful"  title from the rub-on. I used the d-a-y from "sassy, and." Some of the other ladies thought the orginal title worked for them. I'm just glad my grandkids haven't reached the sassy stage yet!

On the last page, instead of having a 9" x 7" photo as suggested in Imagine, I used two photos that were 4.5" x 7." The fence in the bottom photo made a good divider between the two. You wouldn't want to do that and have heads touching feet in two photos. You can add rub-ons and bitty buds and sparkles as desired. If you use Easter photos, you could even decorate the bottom of this page with some colorful eggs. I took stamps and the Cricut for eggs, so let me know if you want me to bring them next month to scrapbook club. Also, you can either cut your journaling into strips, cut a journaling rectangle to fit, or just journal on the Blush paper.

Have fun putting your layouts together with your photos! Now I'm off to start my journaling!!

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